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Naturist Friend – 5 Guys to Avoid Dating at All Costs

For many women when they first start dating a guy, everything may seem perfect for the first few weeks. But take a closer look and sooner or later you’ll discover something that will turn you off. Watch out for warning signs before it’s too late. I know you should always look out for the good things in a guy but don’t be blinded by that. You should know the pros and cons before deciding whether he is the perfect man for you or not. So to narrow down your potential list, here are some five guys to avoid dating at all costs.
The “clean up after me” guy – First of all you are his partner and not his maid. It shouldn’t be expected of you to clean up after his mess.
The “I need to watch sports all the time” guy – This is very self-explanatory.
The “what’s for dinner” guy – Again you are not his maid. Its okay for you to cook for him from time to time but it’s a different thing for him to expect you to do it all the time.
The “lack of ambition” guy – Who likes to date a guy who doesn’t have any ambition in life?
The “still lives with his mother” guy – He his old enough to take care of his own, so he should do exactly that.

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